About ME

My paintings are vibrant, colourful and fluid works of art created with alcohol inks and acrylics. Colours, shapes and movement play a key role in my work. Each painting is a unique, one of a kind creation. I try to let the medium take the lead to drive the direction of the painting while working intuitively offering a stylized interpretation bursting with individuality. I hope my paintings bring you a sense of wonder, curiosity and enjoyment.

Art has always been an important part of my life.  As a child I could often be found painting, drawing or doodling.  Over the years, I have experimented with numerous mediums yet only when time permitted while working and raising a family. Since retirement in 2015, I have more time to focus on my art. In 2016, I discovered alcohol inks finding them to be a curious and amusing medium to use. I’ve been sharing and selling my work since July 2017 when I participated in my first art walk which was the three-day Whyte Avenue Art Walk in Edmonton, Alberta. I worked with alcohol inks exclusively for four years. Since 2020 I’ve been painting with both acrylic paint and inks.

Beyond my art, I’m an avid golfer, enjoy time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, enjoy playing cards and board games with family and friends and love to travel.

Thanks for taking time to visit ME.

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